Cuvee des Trolls

Cuvee des Trolls

Take a sip on the wild side all stemmed from the creative brief a colleague and I wrote together: Cuvee des Trolls is brewed at the famed Brasserie Dubuisson, and has been brewing continuously since 1769—before Belgium was a country. Dubuisson is a shining example of the civic brewer and proud protector of the tradition. Although Dubuisson has been around for over 200 years, they are by no means stuck in the past. Their Cuvee des Trolls is the perfect introduction to the world of Belgian beer. This gateway brew intrigues consumers to venture into Dubuisson’s portfolio of higher ABV, one-of-a-kind Belgian beers, and the troll on the label captures people who are not afraid to try something other than American craft beer. Cuvee des Trolls is an ultra-drinkable Belgian Blonde ale that bursts with notes of fruits and spices, and finishes with a light bitterness and lingering tropical fruits.

This advertisement is by far one of my favorites.




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