Humboldt Brewing Company

Humboldt Brewing Company is a craft brewery out of California. I worked with the agency BR Zoom to develop all of the packaging for this brand. This involved developing a packaging brief and rebranding from Nectar Ales back to the original roots… Humboldt Brewing Company.

After we finished the packaging project, Jessie Haggerty and I developed the advertising for Humboldt Brewing Company. When I say developed, I mean we did everything from the photo shoot to the design and Humboldt Brewing Company Adcopy. We went into the forest one morning and staged different scenes for a few hours. After coming out of the forest with a few bug bites, and a new found love for staging beer bottles, I uploaded the photos and started developing the ad. Once the layout was complete, I asked Jessie to provided me with all of the copy because she is a rockstar at being the voice of Humboldt.

We used this ad for our standard “family ad” as well as our “trade us whatever” promotional ad.Humboldt Brewing Company, Trade Us Promotion

The trade us promotion blew our expectations out of the water. Consumers loved the idea of trading us “whatever” for a t-shirt made of hemp.

We advertised in print and produced a lot of local ads for online California news readers. To see some of the items that were sent in for the promotion follow this link here.

For a team of two, creating digital and print ads, I think we did a killer job! We even saw direct ROI for the print ads on Instagram. We had consumers buying the beer, solely because they saw the ad in Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine. We love getting good vibes from all of our fans who support this California brand.


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