Shades of Charleston

Shades of Charleston is based in Mount Pleasant, SC and is the go-to sunglass shop on the Carolina coast. They carry a wide variety of sunglasses, from Coasta and Maui Jim to Tory Burch.

Steve Cordina says, “Our concept is…if you’re on the water, we’ve got you covered.”

This moto attracts a wide range of customers, but focuses heavily on water-sports, fishing, and active people in the Charleston community.

When Steve Cordina reached out to me, he asked me if I could give the logo a slight facelift to resemble the ocean and active lifestyle Charleston has to offer.  He did not want a complete logo overhaul, so, we worked together to create an edgy logo that now resonates with Charlestonians young and old.

OLD vs. New Logo

The original logo needed a slight color change and some texture to really pop and not look outdated. I suggested using a vibrant blue/green color and a dark, sandy brown

Shades PMS Colors
Pantone Colors

to resemble the ocean and sand. The colors and the texture really give this design a new look. Which is exactly what Steve wanted, a pop of color and a coastal theme.

After the logo was created, Steve produced customer bags, hats, t-shirts, croakies, and much more  point of sale. His customers love the branding and enjoy sporting their apparel at fishing and water-sport tournaments all throughout the country.  Check out their website here and also follow them on Instagram to see their latest and greatest new inventory.

Shades of Charleston Mathis Ferry



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