Stacey’s Stir Logo Design


  1. What symbol do you think defines your blog? “A Whisk!” 
  2. What is your blog about? I manage a food blog featuring whole food, healthy, and simple recipes combined with stories from my life. 
  3. What colors do you prefer? Blue, green, white & gold
  4. Are there any visuals that appeal to you? I love a clean look with cursive writing. 

I love asking clients these types of questions before I begin working on a project. This helps me learn more about their personality and what they are already envisioning for their brand. This also helps the client truly think about the project instead of handing it over to the designer and saying, “Figure me out.”

I usually ask the client around 15 to 20 questions about their company in order to truly get a feeling for the style of design I am heading in. This is one of my favorite parts of the design process because I get to start understanding and brainstorming what my client wants their logo to look like.  Below are two blog headlines I created for Stacey to help her readers understand the true simplicity of her blog.

Stacey's Stir Headline Photo 2Stacey's Stir Headline Photo



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