Webdesk Rebranding


When Ian at web desk reached out to me, we were initially discussing a website update with new imagery. As I started researching about the brand and understanding what Webdesk stands for, I realized that their logo was not communicating the correct message. I approached them about a possible logo design, and they immediately agreed to trying to develop a new logo that resonated with their company.WEBDESK OLD vs. New Logo

So, Ian and I got to work on defining “Webdesk.” I had him answer a questionnaire for my understanding as well as for his. The
process went great. We were able to identify the exact colors we wanted to use, immediately. You can see from the image of the before and after how we took the branding in a whole new direction. Defining the company as a cloud base service and identify the company with tech industry colors. This logo took on a whole new color scheme, identity, and typographical facelift; bringing Webdesk from outdated to new age.


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